Screen Australia

The Fringe Dwellers 1986

This film has an Aboriginal ensemble cast, but a narrative based on a Western woman’s experience of an Aboriginal community.

Jindabyne 2006 (Screen Australia)

Jindabyne is based on a 20-year-old short story by American Raymond Carver, but it’s been so well adapted to the Australian milieu that it feels home-grown.

Loved Up – Lore of Love 2005 (Screen Australia)

This film about people in love is a refreshing break from the usual heavy-handed anthropological treatment of Indigenous subjects.

Length: 24 minutes 56 seconds

Pearls and Savages 1921

This 1979 reconstruction of Frank Hurley’s 1921 adventure film Pearls and Savagesshowcases the peoples and cultures of the Torres Strait Islands and Papua New Guinea.


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