PubMed Indigenous Australian Public Health

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Skin infection, housing and social circumstances in children living in remote Indigenous communities: testing conceptual and methodological approaches. 14 December 2012 238
Donovanosis in Australia: going, going... 14 December 2012 261
Assessing health centre systems for guiding improvement in diabetes care. 14 December 2012 216
A pilot study of the quality of informed consent materials for Aboriginal participants in clinical trials. 14 December 2012 269
Otitis media in young Aboriginal children from remote communities in Northern and Central Australia: a cross-sectional survey. 14 December 2012 262
Engaging with holism in Australian Aboriginal health policy--a review. 14 December 2012 350
Differences in prevalence of pre-existing morbidity between injured and non-injured populations. 14 December 2012 200
Recent developments in national Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health strategy. 14 December 2012 298
Streptococcal necrotising fasciitis from diverse strains of Streptococcus pyogenes in tropical northern Australia: case series and comparison with the literature. 14 December 2012 365
Is there an Aboriginal bioethic? 14 December 2012 282
Health outcomes in Aboriginal populations. 14 December 2012 277
Hospitalisation for gastroenteritis in Western Australia. 14 December 2012 337
A myopic shift in Australian Aboriginals: 1977-2000. 14 December 2012 266
Case-control study of the association between kava use and ischaemic heart disease in Aboriginal communities in eastern Arnhem Land (Northern Territory) Australia. 14 December 2012 352
Case-control study of the association between kava use and pneumonia in eastern Arnhem and Aboriginal communities (Northern Territory, Australia). 14 December 2012 316
Benefits of swimming pools in two remote Aboriginal communities in Western Australia: intervention study. 14 December 2012 291
Health benefits of swimming pools in remote Aboriginal communities. 14 December 2012 363


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