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Population-Based Prevalence of Intellectual Disability and Autism Spectrum Disorders in Western Australia: A Comparison With Previous Estimates. 18 March 2017 124
Low-level laser therapy for chronic non-specific low back pain: a meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials. 18 March 2017 82
Legally invisible: stewardship for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health. 18 March 2017 78
Australian Aboriginal children with otitis media have reduced antibody titres to specific nontypeable Haemophilus influenzae vaccine antigens. 05 February 2017 85
Mapping the social determinants of substance use for pregnant-involved young Aboriginal women. 05 February 2017 121
Determining the reach and capacity of rural and regional Aboriginal community food programs in Victoria. 05 February 2017 83
Low rates of predominant breastfeeding in hospital after gestational diabetes, particularly among Indigenous women in Australia. 05 February 2017 73
The social determinants and starting and sustaining quit attempts in a national sample of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander smokers. 05 February 2017 76
Access, equity and costs of induced abortion services in Australia: a cross-sectional study. 05 February 2017 91
Training in positivity for stroke? A qualitative study of acceptability of use of Positive Mental Training (PosMT) as a tool to assist stroke survivors with post-stroke psychological problems and in coping with rehabilitation. 05 February 2017 131
Follow-up cancer care: perspectives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cancer survivors. 05 February 2017 76
Fluctuations in money availability within an income cycle impacts diet quality of remote Indigenous Australians. 05 February 2017 115
Quality in paediatric emergency medicine: Measurement and reporting. 05 February 2017 92
The characteristics of oncology social work in Australia: Implications for workforce planning in integrated cancer care. 05 February 2017 95
Remote links: Redesigning maternity care for Aboriginal women from remote communities in Northern Australia - A comparative cohort study. 05 February 2017 154
Cancer Data and Aboriginal Disparities Project (CanDAD)--an overdue cancer control initiative. 05 February 2017 73
Ethnicity and Pathways of Fear in Endodontics. 05 February 2017 79
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community governance of health research: Turning principles into practice. 05 February 2017 71
A casemix study of patients seen by a dermatology trainee in rural and urban outpatient settings. 05 February 2017 59
'Imagine if I gave up smoking ...': a qualitative exploration of Aboriginal participants' perspectives of a self-management pilot training intervention. 05 February 2017 71
Age-dependent changes in Porphyromonas gingivalis and Prevotella species/phylotypes in healthy gingiva and inflamed/diseased sub-gingival sites. 05 February 2017 60
The CRISP colorectal cancer risk prediction tool: an exploratory study using simulated consultations in Australian primary care. 05 February 2017 32
Outcome following valve surgery in Australia: development of an enhanced database module. 05 February 2017 66
Implementation of a consumer-focused eHealth intervention for people with moderate-to-high cardiovascular disease risk: protocol for a mixed-methods process evaluation. 05 February 2017 69
Alcohol management plans in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (Indigenous) Australian communities in Queensland: community residents have experienced favourable impacts but also suffered unfavourable ones. 05 February 2017 67


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