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Early repolarization patterns associated with increased arrhythmic risk are common in young non-Caucasian Australian males and not influenced by athletic status. 01 May 2016 211
Demographic patterns of emergency presentations to Northern Territory public hospitals. 01 May 2016 224
Stressful events, social health issues and psychological distress in Aboriginal women having a baby in South Australia: implications for antenatal care. 01 May 2016 258
Lung cancer treatment and mortality for Aboriginal people in New South Wales, Australia: results from a population-based record linkage study and medical record audit. 01 May 2016 253
Automated multi-lesion detection for referable diabetic retinopathy in indigenous health care. 01 May 2016 211
Aboriginal health research in the remote Kimberley: an exploration of perceptions, attitudes and concerns of stakeholders. 01 May 2016 228
Comparisons of the Outcome Prediction Performance of Injury Severity Scoring Tools Using the Abbreviated Injury Scale 90 Update 98 (AIS 98) and 2005 Update 2008 (AIS 2008). 01 May 2016 241
A systematic review of adverse events arising from the use of synthetic cannabinoids and their associated treatment. 16 April 2016 152
Impact of an Ivermectin Mass Drug Administration on Scabies Prevalence in a Remote Australian Aboriginal Community. 16 April 2016 223
Effectiveness, cost effectiveness, acceptability and implementation barriers/enablers of chronic kidney disease management programs for Indigenous people in Australia, New Zealand and Canada: a systematic review of mixed evidence. 10 April 2016 162
Paramedic Checklists do not Accurately Identify Post-ictal or Hypoglycaemic Patients Suitable for Discharge at the Scene. 10 April 2016 192
An Aboriginal perspective on 'Closing the Gap' from the rural front line. 10 April 2016 176
Soft neurological signs and prenatal alcohol exposure: a population-based study in remote Australia. 10 April 2016 214
Underuse and overuse of anticoagulation for atrial fibrillation: A study in Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. 10 April 2016 162
Response to Gould et al's Letter to the Editor: Provision of Antenatal Smoking Cessation Support: A Survey With Pregnant Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women. 10 April 2016 132
Social disadvantage and exposure to lower priced alcohol in off-premise outlets. 10 April 2016 189
Pathways between birth weight and later body size in predicting blood pressure: Australian Aboriginal Cohort Study 1987-2007. 10 April 2016 143
Remote access and care: A comparison of Queensland women's maternity care experience according to area of residence. 10 April 2016 229
Strongyloides stercoralis, Eosinophilia, and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: The Predictive Value of Eosinophilia in the Diagnosis of S stercoralis Infection in an Endemic Community. 10 April 2016 159
Aboriginal Consumption of Estuarine Food Resources and Potential Implications for Health through Trace Metal Exposure; A Study in Gumbaynggirr Country, Australia. 10 April 2016 212
Guidance for Culturally Competent Approaches to Smoking Cessation for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Pregnant Women. 10 April 2016 191
Here and Now Aboriginal Assessment: background, development and preliminary evaluation of a culturally appropriate screening tool. 13 March 2016 386
Oral health care in remote Kimberley Aboriginal communities: the characteristics and perceptions of dental volunteers. 13 March 2016 180
A pragmatic randomized trial of a polypill-based strategy to improve use of indicated preventive treatments in people at high cardiovascular disease risk. 13 March 2016 224
Risk of antenatal psychosocial distress in indigenous women and its management at primary health care centres in Australia. 02 March 2016 167


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