PubMed Indigenous Australian Public Health

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Utilisation of emergency medical services for severe hypoglycaemia: An unrecognised health care burden. 28 May 2016 206
Clinical presentation, treatment and outcome of focal segmental glomerulosclerosis in Far North Queensland Australian adults. 28 May 2016 196
The health-related quality of life of Indigenous populations: a global systematic review. 28 May 2016 217
The epidemiology of pain in children treated by paramedics. 28 May 2016 189
The role of the GP in follow-up cancer care: a systematic literature review. 28 May 2016 176
Mass Drug Administration for Scabies Control. 28 May 2016 248
Daily 2% chlorhexidine gluconate bath wash in a tertiary adult intensive care and high dependency units to reduce risk of hospital acquired multi resistant organisms: a best practice implementation project. 28 May 2016 188
Paperbark and pinard: A historical account of maternity care in one remote Australian Aboriginal town. 28 May 2016 204
When a patient's ethnicity is declared, medical students' decision-making processes are affected. 28 May 2016 172
The multideterminant model of renal disease in a remote Australian Aboriginal population in the context of early life risk factors: lower birth weight, childhood post-streptococcal glomerulonephritis, and current body mass index influence levels of albumi 28 May 2016 218
Capacity building in indigenous men's groups and sheds across Australia. 28 May 2016 89
Improving the provision of pregnancy care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women: a continuous quality improvement initiative. 28 May 2016 116
There's a housing crisis going on in Sydney for Aboriginal people : focus group accounts of housing and perceived associations with health. 28 May 2016 114
System-Level Action Required for Wide-Scale Improvement in Quality of Primary Health Care: Synthesis of Feedback from an Interactive Process to Promote Dissemination and Use of Aggregated Quality of Care Data. 28 May 2016 94
Interactive Dissemination: Engaging Stakeholders in the Use of Aggregated Quality Improvement Data for System-Wide Change in Australian Indigenous Primary Health Care. 28 May 2016 90
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Public Health: Online and Integrated into Core Master of Public Health Subjects. 28 May 2016 124
Factors relating to participation in follow-up to the 45 and up study in Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal individuals. 28 May 2016 92
Albuminuria and its associated biomedical factors among indigenous adults in Far North Queensland: a 7-year follow up study. 28 May 2016 88
Medical student selection criteria and socio-demographic factors as predictors of ultimately working rurally after graduation. 28 May 2016 108
The differential effect of socioeconomic status, birth weight and gender on body mass index in Australian Aboriginal children. 01 May 2016 279
Building better research partnerships by understanding how Aboriginal health communities perceive and use data: a semistructured interview study. 01 May 2016 242
Indigenous and tribal peoples' health (The Lancet-Lowitja Institute Global Collaboration): a population study. 01 May 2016 266
The importance of context in logic model construction for a multi-site community-based Aboriginal driver licensing program. 01 May 2016 211
Identification of Aboriginal children using linked administrative data: Consequences for measuring inequalities. 01 May 2016 249
Neuropathic Pain Among Community-Dwelling Older People: A Clinical Study in Finland. 01 May 2016 241


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