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Validation study of GRACE risk scores in indigenous and non-indigenous patients hospitalized with acute coronary syndrome. 17 July 2016 195
Beginning the trajectory to ESKD in adult life: albuminuria in Australian aboriginal children and adolescents. 02 July 2016 201
Factors contributing to frequent attendance to the emergency department of a remote Northern Territory hospital. 02 July 2016 203
The preconception needs of women with severe mental illness: a consecutive clinical case series. 02 July 2016 188
Periodontal disease and chronic kidney disease among Aboriginal adults; an RCT. 02 July 2016 203
Peritoneal dialysis outcomes of Indigenous Australian patients of remote Kimberley origin. 02 July 2016 183
The characteristics of young Indigenous drink drivers in Queensland, Australia. 24 June 2016 179
Comparing risks of cerebral palsy in births between Australian Indigenous and non-Indigenous mothers. 24 June 2016 192
Conducting systematic reviews of economic evaluations. 24 June 2016 153
Are minor echocardiographic changes associated with an increased risk of acute rheumatic fever or progression to rheumatic heart disease? 24 June 2016 221
Closing the gap in Australian Aboriginal infant immunisation rates -- the development and review of a pre-call strategy. 24 June 2016 236
To what extent do Australian child and youth health policies address the social determinants of health and health equity?: a document analysis study. 24 June 2016 208
Development and validation of the Australian Aboriginal racial identity and self-esteem survey for 8-12 year old children (IRISE_C). 24 June 2016 197
Cultural competency training of GP Registrars-exploring the views of GP Supervisors. 24 June 2016 189
Racial Discrimination, Cultural Resilience, and Stress. 05 June 2016 250
Closing the gap in Aboriginal women's reproductive health: some progress, but still a long way to go. 05 June 2016 211
Patient awareness and beliefs about the risk factors and comorbidities associated with chronic kidney disease - a mixed-methods study. 05 June 2016 240
Patterns of drug dependence in a Queensland (Australia) sample of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people who inject drugs. 05 June 2016 236
Early mortality from external causes in Aboriginal mothers: a retrospective cohort study. 05 June 2016 226
Disparities and Trends in Birth Outcomes, Perinatal and Infant Mortality in Aboriginal vs. Non-Aboriginal Populations: A Population-Based Study in Quebec, Canada 1996-2010. 05 June 2016 225
Patterns and Predictors of Language and Literacy Abilities 4-10 Years in the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children. 05 June 2016 204
Visual-motor integration, visual perception, and fine motor coordination in a population of children with high levels of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. 28 May 2016 213
Examining the pathways for young people with drug and alcohol dependence: a mixed-method design to examine the role of a treatment programme. 28 May 2016 224
Positive community responses to an arts-health program designed to tackle diabetes and kidney disease in remote Aboriginal communities in Australia: a qualitative study. 28 May 2016 226
The pattern of anxiolytic and hypnotic management by Australian general practice trainees. 28 May 2016 160


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