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Enhanced chlamydia surveillance in New South Wales (Australia) prisons, 2005-2007. 18 September 2016 163
Ready, set, go: a cross-sectional survey to understand priorities and preferences for multiple health behaviour change in a highly disadvantaged group. 18 September 2016 157
Evaluating Research Impact: The Development of a Research for Impact Tool. 18 September 2016 101
Challenges to driver licensing participation for Aboriginal people in Australia: a systematic review of the literature. 18 September 2016 109
A systematic review of published interventions for primary and secondary prevention of ischaemic heart disease (IHD) in rural populations of Australia. 18 September 2016 94
Reference genotype and exome data from an Australian Aboriginal population for health-based research. 18 September 2016 115
Ethics in Community-University-Artist Partnered Research: Tensions, Contradictions and Gaps Identified in an 'Arts for Social Change' Project. 27 August 2016 203
Incidence, characteristics and survival outcomes of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in children and adolescents between 1997 and 2014 in Perth, Western Australia. 27 August 2016 180
'They aren't really black fellas but they are easy to talk to': Factors which influence Australian Aboriginal women's decision to disclose intimate partner violence during pregnancy. 27 August 2016 199
Cultural challenges when developing anti-tobacco messages for Indigenous Australians. 27 August 2016 173
Insufficient evidence on health literacy amongst Indigenous people with cancer: a systematic literature review. 27 August 2016 187
Pulkurlkpa: The joy of research in Aboriginal communities. 27 August 2016 230
Predictors of specialist referral for developmental and behavioural problems in a Queensland urban Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community: a cross-sectional study. 27 August 2016 177
The Indigenous Australian Malnutrition Project: the burden and impact of malnutrition in Aboriginal Australian and Torres Strait Islander hospital inpatients, and validation of a malnutrition screening tool for use in hospitals-study rationale and protoco 27 August 2016 220
Challenges in monitoring the development of young children in remote Aboriginal health services: clinical audit findings and recommendations for improving practice. 20 August 2016 167
Effectiveness of offloading methods in preventing primary diabetic foot ulcers in adults with diabetes: a systematic review. 20 August 2016 176
Human T-Lymphotropic Virus type 1 infection in an Indigenous Australian population: epidemiological insights from a hospital-based cohort study. 20 August 2016 205
Talking about the not talked about: use of, and reactions to, a DVD promoting bowel cancer screening to Aboriginal people. 20 August 2016 181
Improving the management of acute coronary syndrome for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal patients in a regional hospital. 20 August 2016 209
Australian trachoma surveillance annual report, 2013. 20 August 2016 174
Systematic review of interventions for Indigenous adults with mental and substance use disorders in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States. 20 August 2016 208
The associations of anthropometric measurements with subsequent gestational diabetes in Aboriginal women. 13 August 2016 204
Patients, health information, and guidelines: A focus-group study. 13 August 2016 151
Suicide Among Inuit: Results From a Large, Epidemiologically Representative Follow-Back Study in Nunavut. 13 August 2016 170
Driver licensing: descriptive epidemiology of a social determinant of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health. 06 August 2016 188


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