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The quality of health services provided to remote dwelling aboriginal infants in the top end of northern Australia following health system changes: a qualitative analysis. 02 April 2017 22
More bark than bite: Comparative studies are needed to determine the importance of canine zoonoses in Aboriginal communities. A critical review of published research. 02 April 2017 26
Intensive LDL Reduction Post Acute Coronary Syndromes: A Catalyst for Improved Outcomes. 02 April 2017 108
Overcoming the tyranny of distance: An analysis of outreach visits to optimise secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease in high-risk individuals living in Central Australia. 02 April 2017 42
Does Indigenous health research have impact? A systematic review of reviews. 02 April 2017 28
Addressing the barriers to driver licensing for Aboriginal people in New South Wales and South Australia. 18 March 2017 24
Roaming behaviour of dogs in four remote Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory, Australia: preliminary investigations. 18 March 2017 36
What influences the home range size of free-roaming domestic dogs? 18 March 2017 19
Inequalities in socio-economic characteristics and health and wellbeing of men with and without disabilities: a cross-sectional analysis of the baseline wave of the Australian Longitudinal Study on Male Health. 18 March 2017 24
A genomic history of Aboriginal Australia. 18 March 2017 32
Cultural desire need not improve with cultural knowledge: A cross-sectional study of student nurses. 18 March 2017 20
What keeps you strong? A systematic review identifying how primary health-care and aged-care services can support the well-being of older Indigenous peoples. 18 March 2017 21
Investigative Interviewing of Aboriginal Children in Cases of Suspected Sexual Abuse. 18 March 2017 17
REACTED - Reducing Acute Chest pain Time in the ED: A prospective pre-/post-interventional cohort study, stratifying risk using early cardiac multi-markers, probably increases discharges safely. 18 March 2017 29
Fetal autopsy and closing the gap. 18 March 2017 19
Maternal ethnicity, stillbirth and neonatal death risk in Western Australia 1998-2010. 18 March 2017 23
Plain packaging implementation: perceptions of risk and prestige of cigarette brands among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. 18 March 2017 22
Folate status in Aboriginal people before and after mandatory fortification of flour for bread-making in Australia. 18 March 2017 22
Using data linkage to improve the completeness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander status in communicable disease notifications in Victoria. 18 March 2017 23
Assessment and management of acute pain in the older person with cognitive impairment: A qualitative study. 18 March 2017 18
Use of electronic visual recording to aid assessment of dietary intake of Australian Aboriginal children living in remote communities. 18 March 2017 18
Insights into nutritionists' practices and experiences in remote Australian Aboriginal communities. 18 March 2017 18
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health: accuracy of patient self-report of screening for diabetes, high cholesterol and cervical cancer. 18 March 2017 14
Service providers' views of community participation at six Australian primary healthcare services: scope for empowerment and challenges to implementation. 18 March 2017 21
Comparison of the HUI3 and the EQ-5D-3L in a nursing home setting. 18 March 2017 15


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