Northern Territory Intervention

Greens candidate restricted by Basics Card News On ABC


The Greens candidate for Lingiari, Barbara Shaw, is applying for an exemption to stop her income being managed as it has restricted her election campaign.

The 'Basics Card' - One Person's Experience


Jenna is a Tiwi Islander living in Melbourne. During a protest held outside the office of FAHCSIA on 18 June 2010 she described her experience of being subjected to racist discrimination by Centrelink 'because she was from the Northern Territory' ...

Working for the BasicsCard in Ti Tree


The NT Intervention has made thousands of Aboriginal workers unemployed. Many people are now being forced to work for the BasicsCard. This report highlights the impact of the Intervention on employment in Anmatjere communities at Ti Tree, 200kms North of Alice Springs.

Restore Community Governance

"REBUILDING FROM THE GROUND UP" ALTERNATIVES TO THE NORTHERN TERRITORY INTERVENTION The NT Intervention has been a disaster for Aboriginal communities. Aboriginal peoples, communities and organisations are outraged by the failures of the NT Intervention and the breaches of human rights. This statement is putting forward an alternative based on Self Determination and sustainable resourcing for all communtities.Alternatives to Intervention: DEMAND 1: RESTORE COMMUNITY GOVERANCE Urgently rebuild Aboriginal community government councils. Restore decision making power and administration of municipal services to these councils. Transfer all assets seized by the shires to the Aboriginal councils and pay compensation for all other assets sold off by the shires. Remove Government Business Managers installed by the Intervention. Repeal Business Management Area Powers which grant the Minister the capacity for total control over the budgets and direction of organisations receiving Commonwealth funding. Explore the reality further: Advice: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are advised that this website may contain images and voices of people who have died


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