National Issues - GM Foods

Genetically modified (GM) foods

Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (Office of the Gene Technology Regulator)

The Regulatory Scheme for Genetically Modified Organisms  - Legislation (Office of the Gene Technology Regulator)

Gene technology (CSIRO)

Genetically modified (GM) foods (Food Standards Australia New Zealand)

Genetically modified foods (Better Health Channel)

Biotechnology and food (Biotechnology Australia)

Genetically Modified Foods (Health Insite)

List of Genetically Modified Product approvals (Office of the Gene Technology Regulator)

GM Food & Organisms (Government of South Australia)

Genetically modified foods -- food for thought 'We would be wise to hold off until we know more about the health, ecological and economic effects of genetically modified food'. by Stephen R Leeder MJA 2000; 172: 173-174

GM food: harmful or helpful? 19 March 2010 Source: SBS - Chiara Pazzano

Genetically Modified Foods-Are We Worried Yet? by Rosemary Polya
Science, Technology, Environment and Resources Group
1 June 1999 (Commonwealth of Australia)

Gene Technology Act 2000 (Austlii)

Gene Technology Act 2000 (ComLaw)

Regulation of gene technology research in Australia (Biotechnology Online)

Gene Technology - Gene Technology Ministerial Council (Commonwealth of Australia)






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