3 Treasure System Video 1 of 5


Part 1 of 5 parts

Prof. Master Dr. Jirong Zhang discusses and explains

the 3 Treasure system based upon the teachings of the

"Yellow Emperor" with Mrs. Elvianna Dorante-Day BN RN

MA Grad.Dip PH, Dr. Public Health Candidate and CEO of

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Public Health Journal



Prof. Master Dr. Jirong Zhang was interviewed by Elvianna Dorante-Day at 3 Treasure's Brisbane clinic whilst she was undertaking research and collecting data for her Dr. of Public Health dissertation which focuses upon the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine as an alternative management system for chronic disease through Flinders University in South Australia. The interview focuses not only on Dr. Zhang's incredible 3 Treasure system but also defines the Treatments of Chinese Medicine and their purpose within the human body.


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