National Issues - Closing the Gap

Closing the Gap in Queensland (Queensland Government)

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Families & Children ( FaHCSIA)

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Closing the Gap - The Indigenous Reform Agenda

Closing the Gap is a commitment by all Australian governments to improve the lives of Indigenous Australians, and in particular provide a better future for Indigenous children (Commonwealth of Australia 2009).

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Closing the Gap – Indigenous Chronic Disease

the website for the Indigenous Chronic Disease Package – an important part of the Australian Government's response to closing the gap in Indigenous health outcomes.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people experience a burden of disease two-and-a-half times that of other Australians. A large part of the burden of disease is due to chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, chronic respiratory disease and chronic kidney disease. This can be reduced by earlier identification, and management of risk factors and the disease itself (Department of Health and Ageing).

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