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Australian Journal of Primary Health
  1. Changes in health services usage associated with insulin initiation in primary care
    Samuel Johnson, Sharmala Thuraisingam, John Furler, Jo-Anne Manski Nankervis
  2. Factors influencing integrated wellbeing in older Chinese outpatients with chronic diseases
    Fei Huang, Hongyu Li
  3. The power of talk and power in talk: a systematic review of Indigenous narratives of culturally safe healthcare communication
    Warren Jennings, Chelsea Bond, Peter S. Hill
  4. Knowing and telling: how African-Australians living with chronic hepatitis B understand hepatocellular carcinoma risk and surveillance
    Nicole Allard, Jon Emery, Benjamin Cowie, John Furler
  5. A randomised controlled trial of a brief intervention for illicit drug use linked to ASSIST screening in a primary healthcare setting: results from the Australian component of the World Health Organization Phase III ASSIST studies
    Rachel Humeniuk, David A. L. Newcombe, Victoria Dennington, Robert Ali
  6. An exploration of the experiences of Australian Grey Nomads travelling with chronic conditions
    Kaara Ray B. Calma, Elizabeth Halcomb, Moira Stephens
  7. Process redesign of a surgical pathway improves access to cataract surgery for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in South East Queensland
    Lisa Penrose, Yvette Roe, Natalie A. Johnson, Erica L. James
  8. Models of nutrition-focused continuing education programs for nurses: a systematic review of the evidence
    Holly Mitchell, Catherine Lucas, Karen Charlton, Anne McMahon
  9. Rigorous follow-up systems for abnormal results are essential to improve health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
    Jodie Bailie, Veronica Matthews, Alison Laycock, Christine Connors, Ross Bailie - Volume 24(1)
  10. General health, wellbeing and oral health of patients older than 75 years attending health assessments
    Dominic Keuskamp, Najith Amarasena, Madhan Balasubramanian, David S. Brennan
  11. Systems levers for commissioning primary mental healthcare: a rapid review
    Carla Meurk, Meredith Harris, Eryn Wright, Nicola Reavley, Roman Scheurer, Bridget Bassilios, Caroline Salom, Jane Pirkis - Volume 24(1)
  12. Selecting a location for a primary healthcare facility: combining a mathematical approach with a Geographic Information System to rank areas of relative need
    Yevgeni Dudko, Dennis E. Robey, Estie Kruger, Marc Tennant
  13. Transition to adult care for Aboriginal children with rheumatic fever: a review informed by a focussed ethnography in northern Australia
    Alice G. Mitchell, Suzanne Belton, Vanessa Johnston, Anna P. Ralph - Volume 24(1)
  14. Maternal gestational weight gain during pregnancy: prioritising the conversation
    Ruth Walker, Danielle Mazza, Michelle Blumfield, Christie Bennett, Helen Truby - Volume 24(1)
  15. Influence of the social determinants of health on access to healthcare services among refugees in Australia
    Jessica Taylor, Greer Lamaro Haintz - Volume 24(1)
  16. Reconceptualising community participation in primary health
    Amanda Kenny, Nerida Hyett, Virginia Dickson-Swift - Volume 23(6)
  17. ‘Lost and confused’: parent representative groups’ perspectives on child and family health services in Australia
    Amiee Hesson, Cathrine Fowler, Chris Rossiter, Virginia Schmied - Volume 23(6)
  18. Health seeking narratives of unwell Sri Lankan Tamil refugees in Melbourne Australia
    Sophia Samuel, Jenny Advocat, Grant Russell - Volume 24(1)
  19. Multiple health conditions and barriers to healthcare among older Australians: prevalence, reasons and types of barriers
    Jeromey B. Temple, Ruth Williams - Volume 24(1)
  20. Hospital admissions and emergency department presentations for dental conditions indicate access to hospital, rather than poor access to dental health care in the community
    Matthew Yap, Mei-Ruu Kok, Soniya Nanda, Alistair Vickery, David Whyatt - Volume 24(1)


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