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Kungun Ngarrindjeri Yunnan (Listen to what Ngarrindjeri have to say)
Ngarrindjeri leaders argue that non-Indigenous recognition of Ngarrindjeri beliefs and traditions is fundamental to social justice and is crucial in programs...
Date: 2016-01-04 11:43:53
Views: 1763
The People & Their Place
NUKKAN KUNGUN YUNNAN - Ngarrindjeri's Being Heard
NUKKAN.KUNGUN.YUNNAN This powerful 22 minute documentary presents the real impact the water crisis is having on the Coorong and its people. Driven by Ngarrin...
Date: 2016-01-04 11:43:02
Views: 1206
The People & Their Place
Townsville Aboriginal and Islander Health Service (TAIHS) - Mums and Babies Program
More information visit the Rural Health Education Foundation
Date: 2015-12-24 02:47:46
Views: 2129
Pregnant mother issues
Renal disease and Indigenous health: Professor Wendy Hoy - Science at the Shine Dome 2015
In this talk from Science at the Shine Dome 2015, Professor Wendy Hoy talks about her work on renal disease in transitional populations and in indigenous hea...
Date: 2015-12-24 02:45:33
Views: 2376
Indigenous Chronic Disease Issues
New study shows slight improvement in Aboriginal health
Wadeyre, Northern Territory 1. Various of Aboriginal family seeing doctor Darwin, Northern Territory 2. SOUNDBITE: (English) Dr David Thomas, Author of recen...
Date: 2015-12-24 02:44:56
Views: 2861
Communication and Education in Indigenous Health: CDU Research
Dr Anne Lowell examines the communication methods and education process between health professionals and the Yolnu to effectively share and deliver vital inf...
Date: 2015-12-24 02:43:02
Views: 2286
Bridging the Gap: Some Ethical Dilemmas with Chief Justice Wayne Martin In this presentation, Chief Justice Wayne Martin will identify some of the ethical pro...
Date: 2015-12-24 02:41:43
Views: 2753
Closing the Gap
Building positive partnerships with Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations - DHSV
Public Oral Health Conference 15 June 2013 .......................................................... Building positive partnerships with Aboriginal Communit...
Date: 2015-12-24 02:40:43
Views: 3087
Working with community controlled organisations
Selwyn Button is the CEO of the Queensland Aboriginal and Islander Health Council. Speaking at the QCOSS conference in September 2013, he talks about how org...
Date: 2015-12-24 02:40:12
Views: 2932
While the politicians in Canberra continue to scratch their heads as they try and work out how to close the gap, community controlled health organisations, s...
Date: 2015-12-24 02:39:31
Views: 3337
Closing the Gap
Closing the gap on Indigenous Health
The Indigenous Health Stream is an enriched program of experiential learning, mentoring and leadership teaching in Indigenous Health, which runs through all ...
Date: 2015-12-24 02:39:08
Views: 3286
Closing the Gap
DHSV CEO Deborah Cole interviewed on ABC Gippsland regarding closing the gap in Aboriginal health
Great progress has been made in the narrowing of the dental health gap between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Victorians. Dental Health Services Victoria CEO ...
Date: 2015-12-24 02:36:18
Views: 2107
Primary health care services in remote communities
Very high rates of chronic disease and their related complications are evident in rural and remote communities in Australia, particularly in Indigenous commu...
Date: 2015-12-24 02:34:34
Views: 2692
Indigenous Primary Health Care
Access to primary health care for vulnerable populations
Affordable, inclusive and fair, high quality health services for all are a priority in Australia. However gaps in access to such services exist particularly ...
Date: 2015-12-24 02:33:49
Views: 2382
Indigenous Primary Health Care
Oral health in rural and regional communities: 3 of 3
The impact of oral disease on people’s everyday lives is significant and its effects are felt more by some communities than others. People who often miss out...
Date: 2015-12-24 02:33:01
Views: 2725
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