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Examination of the burden of disease of intimate partner violence against women in 2011: final report 31 October 2016 109
A preventable burden - Measuring and addressing the prevalence and health impacts of intimate partner violence in Australian women: key findings and future directions 31 October 2016 99
Proposed ban on refugees arriving by boat in breach of Australia's international obligations: expert 31 October 2016 100
Jokowi to visit Australia: what to expect? 31 October 2016 140
Like water for cho-coal-ate 31 October 2016 112
Independence pay: Gas industry-funded research at the CSIRO 31 October 2016 116
The lion that didn't roar 31 October 2016 119
Speaking out about raising concerns in care: the views of Western Australian children and young people with experience of out-of-home care 30 October 2016 104
A case study of enhanced clinical care enabled by Aboriginal health research: the Hearing, EAr health and Language Services (HEALS) project 30 October 2016 123
High chlamydia and gonorrhoea repeat positivity in remote Aboriginal communities 2009-2011: longitudinal analysis of testing for re-infection at 3 months suggests the need for more frequent screening 30 October 2016 97
Inequalities in pediatric avoidable hospitalizations between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal children in Australia: a population data linkage study 30 October 2016 104
Non mydriatic retinal photography: a roundtable in preparation for new MBS items for people with diabetes 30 October 2016 105
Leveraging quality improvement through use of the Systems Assessment Tool in Indigenous primary health care services: a mixed methods study 30 October 2016 113
The National Eye Health Survey 2016 report 23 October 2016 108
Health professional and community perspectives on reducing barriers to accessing specialist health care in metropolitan Aboriginal communities: a semi-structured interview study 23 October 2016 115
Using Knowledge Translation to craft “sticky” social media health messages that provoke interest, raise awareness, impart knowledge, and inspire change 23 October 2016 123
Improving maternity services for Indigenous women in Australia: moving from policy to practice 23 October 2016 101
Utilisation of public podiatry and diabetes services by the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community of the Central Coast of NSW 23 October 2016 110
Suicidal ideation and non-fatal deliberate self-harm presentations in the Kimberley from an enhanced police–mental health service notification database 23 October 2016 70
Perinatal deaths in Australia 1993-2012 17 October 2016 90
HIV/AIDS, hepatitis and sexually transmissible infections in Australia: annual report of trends in behaviour 2016 (viral hepatitis supplement) 17 October 2016 99
Incidence of end-stage kidney disease in Australia 1997-2013 17 October 2016 97
Tobacco indicators: measuring midpoint progress: reporting under the National Tobacco Strategy 2012-2018 17 October 2016 102
Assessing the impact and cost of short-term health workforce in remote Indigenous communities in Australia: a mixed methods study protocol 16 October 2016 118
Mental health care for Indigenous young people: moving culture from the margins to the centre 16 October 2016 112
Critical considerations in responding to crystal methamphetamine use in Australian Aboriginal communities 16 October 2016 128
Improvement in delivery of type 2 diabetes services differs by mode of care: a retrospective longitudinal analysis in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Primary Health Care setting 16 October 2016 128
The link between improved mental health outcomes for Indigenous Australians and relationships: what is the role of mental health nurses? [Editorial] 09 October 2016 166
Elements of cultural competence in an Australian Aboriginal maternity program 09 October 2016 156
The prevalence and clinical associations of HTLV-1 infection in a remote Indigenous community 09 October 2016 133


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