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Indigenous Australians: lifespan, health, ageing and dementia 20 November 2016 116
Sociodemographic and geographical inequalities in notifiable infectious diseases in Australia: a retrospective analysis of 21 years of national disease surveillance data 20 November 2016 71
Point-of-care testing in rural, remote and Indigenous settings 20 November 2016 102
Slice of LIME seminar: traditional Aboriginal healing western medicine, the missing gap 13 November 2016 93
Hepatitis B immunization for Indigenous adults, Australia 13 November 2016 144
Let’s yarn! 13 November 2016 99
Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Survey: consumption of added sugars, 2012-13 13 November 2016 165
When there is not enough evidence and when evidence is not enough: an Australian Indigenous smoking policy study 13 November 2016 142
An ‘equity’ domain could strengthen the utility of a framework for assessing care coordination for Australian Aboriginal families 13 November 2016 131
Twenty-five-year survival for Aboriginal and caucasian children with congenital heart defects in Western Australia, 1980 to 2010 13 November 2016 101
Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Survey: consumption of food groups from the Australian Dietary Guidelines, 2012-13 13 November 2016 126
Influenza vaccination coverage among pregnant Indigenous women in the Northern Territory of Australia 06 November 2016 90
‘Yarning up with Koori kids’ – hearing the voices of Australian urban Indigenous children about their health and well-being 06 November 2016 103
Culturally secure practice in midwifery education and service provision for Aboriginal women 06 November 2016 92
Yarning about quitting 06 November 2016 96
Hospitalizations for chronic conditions among Indigenous Australians after medication copayment reductions: the Closing the Gap copayment incentive 06 November 2016 100
Public Health Association Australia 44th Annual Conference 20th Chronic Diseases Network Conference 06 November 2016 149
FireWatch: Community Engagement and the Communication of Bushfire Information 01 November 2016 119
Heads and Tails: The Long Tail in Australian Media Markets 01 November 2016 125
Do External Stakeholder Pressures Influence Customer Service and Complaints Handling Practices in the Australian Internet Service Provider Industry? 01 November 2016 97
Enabling Sustainable Broadband Adoption in Rural Areas: A Case Study of Information Network Villages in South Korea 01 November 2016 102
Public Connection with Local Government: Desires and Frustrations of Articulating Local Issues 01 November 2016 112
It Makes Them Streetwise : What Parents and Children Tell Themselves and Each Other About Young People's Activities Online 01 November 2016 113
#Democracy: Towards a Conceptual Framework for an Empirical Study of Political Conversations on Twitter 01 November 2016 92
Harnessing the Arc-Hive 01 November 2016 122
Communicating Food Policy Issues: Media and the Politics of Sustainability 01 November 2016 113
A Shared Value Approach to Digital Inclusion 01 November 2016 108
ALL AT SEA: The Policy Challenges of Rescue, Interception, and Long-Term Response to Maritime Migration 01 November 2016 100
Senior Policy Officer - Office of Bushfire Risk Management 01 November 2016 126
Australia’s superannuation sector: Money laundering and terrorism financing risk assessment 01 November 2016 131


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