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Cost of road trauma in Australia: summary report - September 2017 12 September 2017 142
Some challenges for regional science research 12 September 2017 146
The legal basis of public participation in the international environmental governance as a requirement for sustainable development 12 September 2017 137
Climate of the nation: national report 2017 12 September 2017 135
Tasmania in pole position for electric car industry: the potential of electric vehicles in Tasmania 12 September 2017 139
Beyond cats and Kardashians: can journalism satisfy audiences without dumbing down? 12 September 2017 148
Careful what you wish for 12 September 2017 142
Investing in the economic architecture of the Indo-Pacific 12 September 2017 147
Monthly trade data - July 2017 12 September 2017 139
Realising the Indo-Pacific: tasks for India's regional integration 12 September 2017 140
Last thing the government should do is buy a power station 12 September 2017 139
Regional investments 12 September 2017 130
Partnering with Australia on innovation, science and research 12 September 2017 149
Co-design toolkit 12 September 2017 109
Regulating cyber-racism 12 September 2017 83
Impact of Defence training activities and facilities on rural and regional communities: second interim report 12 September 2017 81
The threat to the global economic and financial order: protecting Australia’s interests 12 September 2017 108
Security review of critical incidents at Parkville youth justice precint on 6 7 March 2016 12 September 2017 69
Locating advance care planning facilitators in general practice increases consumer participation 12 September 2017 66
Review of Parkville youth justice precinct incident on 31 October 2015 12 September 2017 82
Association between short sleep duration and body mass index in Australian Indigenous children 11 September 2017 79
Challenging the colonisation of birth: Koori women’s birthing knowledge and practice 11 September 2017 122
The rise of methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus: now the dominant cause of skin and soft tissue infection in Central Australia 11 September 2017 76
Understanding practitioner professionalism in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health: lessons from student and registrar placements at an urban Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander primary healthcare service 11 September 2017 110
Indigenous cardiac patients’ and relatives’ experiences of hospitalisation: a narrative inquiry 04 September 2017 116
The Indigenous Counselling and Nicotine (ICAN) QUIT in Pregnancy Pilot Study protocol: a feasibility step-wedge cluster randomised trial to improve health providers’ management of smoking during pregnancy 04 September 2017 93
The association between C-reactive protein levels and the risk for chronic kidney disease hospitalizations in adults of a remote Indigenous Australian community – a prospective cohort study 04 September 2017 45
Transformation of mortality in a remote Australian Aboriginal community: a retrospective observational study 04 September 2017 77
Yarning about fall prevention: community consultation to discuss falls and appropriate approaches to fall prevention with older Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people 28 August 2017 90
‘Sly grog’ and ‘homebrew’: a qualitative examination of illicit alcohol and some of its impacts on Indigenous communities with alcohol restrictions in regional and remote Queensland (Australia) 28 August 2017 99


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